Member Profile – Lime (Hello Venus)



Name: Hyelim Kim (김혜림)
Stagename: Lime
Date of Birth: 19th January 1993 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
Position: Rapper, Vocalist



Venus (2012)

Hello Venus - Venus Lime


What Are You Doing Today (2012)

Hello Venus - What Are You Doing Tonight Lime


Would You Stay For Tea (2013)

Hello Venus - Would You Like To Stay For Tea Lime


Sticky Sticky (2014)

Hello Venus - Sticky Sticky Lime


Wiggle Wiggle (2015)

Hello Venus - Wiggle Wiggle Lime


Soldier Dance (2015)

Hello Venus - Soldier Dance Lime


I’m Ill (2015)

Hello Venus - I'm Ill Lime


Glow (2016)

Hello Venus - Glow Lime


Paradise (2016)

Hello Venus - Paradise Lime


Mysterious (2017)



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