Band Profile: Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop


Debut: 19th July 2012
Members: Ellin, Gummi, Choa, Way
Former Members: Soyul
Agency: Chrome Entertainment & Sony Music Korea
Albums: The Streets Go Disco (2013), Pop Pop Pop (2014), FM (2015), Crayon Pop (2016), Crayon Pop Evolution Vol. 1 (2016)
MVs: Bing Bing (2012), Saturday Night (2012), Bar Bar Bar (2013), Dancing Queen 2.0 (2013), Lonely Christmas (2013), Hero (2014), Cmon Cmon (2014), Uh-ee (2014), FM (2015), 1234 (2015), 123 Happy New Year (2015), Ra Ri Ru Re (2015), Dancing All Night (2015), DooDoomChit (2016)
Sub-Unit: Strawberry Milk

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