Member Profile – Gaeun (Former Dal Shabet)



Name: Gaeun Cho (조가은)
Date of Birth: 28th July 1992 (Leo)
Hometown: Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Notes: Member of Dal Shabet (2011-2015)



Supa Dupa Diva (2011)

Dal Shabet - Supa Dupa Diva Gaeun

Pink Rocket (2011)

Dal Shabet - Pink Rocket Gaeun

Bling Bling (2011)

Dal Shabet - Bling Bling Gaeun

Christmas Time (2011)

Dal Shabet - Christmas Time Gaeun

Hit U (2012)

Dal Shabet - Hit U Gaeun

Mr Bang Bang (2012)

Dal Shabet - Mr Bang Bang Gaeun

Have Don’t Have (2012) – Version 1

Dal Shabet - Have Don't Have (Don't Have Version) Kaeun

Have Don’t Have (2012) – Version 2

Dal Shabet - Have Don't Have (Have Version) Kaeun

For Darling (2012)

Dal Shabet - For Darling Gaeun

Be Ambitious (2013)

Dal Shabet - Be Ambitious Gaeun

BBB (2014)

Dal Shabet - BBB Gaeun

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree (2014)

Dal Shabet & Minx - Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Gaeun

Joker (2015)

Dal Shabet - Joker Gaeun


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