Member Profile – Kyungri (Nine Muses)


Name: Kyungri Park (박경리)
Date of Birth: 05th July 1990 (Cancer)
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Notes: She joined Nine Muses in 2012
She is also a member of the Sub-Unit Nine Muses A



News (2012)

Nine Muses - News Kyungri

Ticket (2012)

Nine Muses - Ticket Kyungri

Get Up (2012)

Nine Muses - Get Up Kyungri

Dolls (2013)

Nine Muses - Dolls Kyungri

Wild (2013)

Nine Muses - Wild Kyungli

Gun (2013)

Nine Muses - Gun Kyungli

Glue (2013)

Nine Muses - Glue Kyungri

Drama (2015)

Nine Muses - Drama Kyungri

Hurt Locker (2015)

Nine Muses - Hurt Locker Kyungri

Yes Or No (2015)

Nine Muses - Yes or No Kyungri

Sleepless Night (2015)

Nine Muses - Sleepless Night Kyungri

Lip 2 Lip (2016)

Nine Muses A - Lip 2 Lip Kyungri

Remember (2017)

Love City (2017)


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