Member Profile – Bomi (A Pink)


Name: Bomi Yoon (윤보미)
Date of Birth: 13th August 1993 (Leo)
Hometown: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Family: Sunmi (older sister) & Jongjin (younger brother)
Notes: She is also a member of the sub-unit Pink BnN



I Don’t Know (2011)

A Pink - I Don't Know Bomi

Wishlist (2011)

A Pink - Wishlist Bomi

It Girl (2011)

A Pink - It Girl Bomi

My My (2011)

A Pink - My My Bomi

Skinny Baby (2011)

A Pink - Skinny Baby Bomi

Hush (2012)

A Pink - Hush Bomi

My Baby (2013)

A Pink - 5 My Baby Bomi

No No No (2013)

A Pink - No No No Bomi

Secret Garden (2013)

A Pink - Secret Garden Bomi

Mini (2013)

A Pink - Mini Bomi

U You (2013)

A Pink - U You Bomi

Good Morning Baby (2014)

A Pink - Good Morning Baby Bomi

Mr Chu (2014)

APink - Mr Chu Bomi

Crystal (2014)

A Pink - Crystal Bomi

Luv (2014)

A Pink - Luv Bomi

Promise U (2015)

A Pink - Promise U Bomi

Remember (2015)

A Pink - Remember Bomi

Petal (2015)
A Pink - Petal Bomi
Brand New Days (2016)

A Pink - Brand New Days Bomi

The Wave (2016)

A Pink - The Wave Bomi

Only One (2016)


Summer Time (2016)


Ding Dong (2016)


Cause You’re My Star (2016)


Bye Bye (2017)

Always (2017)

Motto Go Go (2017)

Five (2017)

Oasis (2017)

Orion (2017)

Miracle (2018)


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