Member Profile – Sojung (Ladies’ Code)



Name: Sojung Lee (이소정)
Date of Birth: 03rd September 1993 (Virgo)
Hometown: Wonju, Gangwon Province, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Education: Dankook University, Yongin, South Korea



Bad Girl (2013)

Ladies Code - Bad Girl Sojung

I’m Not Crying (2013)

Ladies Code - Wont Cry Sojung

Hate You (2013)

Ladies Code - Hate You Sojung

Pretty Pretty (2013)

Ladies Code - Pretty Pretty Sojung

So Wonderful (2014)

Ladies Code - So Wonderful Sojung

Kiss Kiss (2014)

Ladies Code - Kiss Kiss Sojung

I’m Fine Thank You (2014)
She does not play in the MV of this song
Galaxy (2016)

Ladies Code - Galaxy Sojung

The Rain (2016)



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