Member Profile – Jiyoung (Former KARA)



Name: Jiyoung Kang (강지영)
Date of Birth: 18th January 1994 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Family: Jieun (older sister) & Jisoo (older sister)
Education: Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea
Notes: Member of KARA (2008-2014)



Rock U (2008)

Kara - Rock U Jiyoung


Good Day Season 2 (2008)

Kara - Good Day Season 2 Jiyoung


Pretty Girl (2008)

Kara - Pretty Girl Jiyoung


Honey (2008)

Kara - Honey Jiyoung


Same Heart (2009)

Kara - Same Heart Jiyoung


Wanna (2009)

Kara - Wanna Jiyoung


Lupin (2010)

Kara - Lupin Jiyoung


Mister (2010)

Kara - Mister Jiyoung


We’re With You (2010)

Kara - We're With You Jiyoung


2Me (2010)

Kara - 2Me Jiyoung


Jumping (2010)

Kara - Jumping Jiyoung


Step (2011)

Kara - Step Jiyoung


Jet Coaster Love (2011)

Kara - Jet Coaster Love Jiyoung


Go Go Summer Love (2011)

Kara - Go Go Summer Jiyoung


Winter Magic (2011)

Kara - Winter Magic Jiyoung


Dear Kamilia (2011)

Kara - Ima Okuritai Arigatou Jiyoung


Pandora (2012)

Kara - Pandora Jiyoung


Girl’s Power (2012)

Kara - Girl's Power Jiyoung


Speed Up (2012)

Kara - Speed Up Jiyoung


Electric Boy (2012)

Kara - Electric Boy Jiyoung


Orion (2012)

Kara - Orion Jiyoung


Runaway (2013)

Kara - Runaway Jiyoung


Bye Bye Happy Days (2013)

Kara - Bye Bye Happy Days Jiyoung


Thank You Summer Love (2013)

Kara - Thank You Summer Love Jiyoung


French Kiss (2013)

Kara - French Kiss Jiyoung


Damaged Lady (2013)

Kara - Damaged Lady Jiyoung


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