Member Profile – Chaeyeon (DIA)


Name: Chaeyeon Jung (정채연)
Date of Birth: 01st December 1997 (Sagittarius)
Hometown: Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Notes: Member of I.O.I (2016-2017)
Contestant in Produce 101 (2016)
She is also a member of the Sub-Unit BinChaenHyunSeu



Somehow (2015)

Dia - Somehow Chaeyeon


Lean On Me (2015)

Dia - Lean On Me Chaeyeon


I Want To Listen To Music (2015)

Dia - I Want To Listen To Music Chaeyeon


My Friend’s Boyfriend (2015)

Dia - My Friends Boyfriend Chaeyeon


Crush (2016)

IOI - Crush Chaeyeon


Dream Girls (2016)

I.O.I - Dream Girls Chaeyeon


On The Road (2016)

Dia - One The Road Chaeyeon


Mr. Potter (2016)



The Love (2016)



Very Very Very (2016)



Downpour (2017)



Will You Go Out With Me (2017)


Look (2017)


Can’t Stop (2017)


Good Night (2017)


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