Member Profile – Jiyeon (T-ara)


Name: Jiyeon Park (박지연)
Date of Birth: 07th June 1993 (Gemini)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Vocalist
Family: Hyojun (older brother)
Notes: She is also a member of Sub-Unit T-ara N4



Good Person (2009)

T-ara - Good Person Jiyeon


Lies (2009)

T-ara - Lies Jiyeon


Apple Is A (2009)

T-ara - Apple Is A Jiyeon


TTL (2009)

T-ara - TTL Jiyeon


TTL 2 (2009)

T-ara - TTL2 Jiyeon


Bo Peep Bo Peep (2009)

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep Jiyeon


Like The First Time (2009)

T-ara - Like The First Time Jiyeon


Women’s Generation (2009)

T-ara - Women Generation Jiyeon


I Go Crazy Because Of You (2010)

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You Jiyeon


I’m Really Hurt (2010)

T-ara - I'm Really Hurt Jiyeon


Bubi Bubi (2010)

T-ara - Bubi Bubi Jiyeon


We Are The One (2010)

T-ara - We Are The One Jiyeon


Wonder Woman (2010)
She did not play in the MV of this song


Why Are You Being Like This (2010)

T-ara - Why Are You Being Like This Jiyeon


Yayaya (2010)

T-ara - Yayaya Jiyeon


Beautiful Girl (2011)

T-ara - Beautiful Girl Jiyeon


We Were In Love (2011)

T-ara - We Were In Love Jiyeon


Roly Poly (2011)

T-ara - Roly Poly Jiyeon


Log-In (2011)

T-ara - Log In Jiyeon


Cry Cry (2011)

T-ara - Cry Cry Jiyeon


Lovey Dovey (2012)

T-ara - Lovey Dovey Jiyeon


Round And Round (2012)

T-ara - Round And Round Jiyeon

Day By Day (2012)

T-ara - Day By Day Jiyeon


Sexy Love (2012)

T-ara - Sexy Love Jiyeon


Painkiller (2013)

T-ara - Painkiller Jiyeon


Bunny Style (2013)

T-ara - Bunny Style Jiyeon


Countryside Diary (2013)

Tara 4N - Jeon Won Diary Jiyeon


Number Nine (2013)

T-ara - Number Nine Jiyeon


Bikini (2013)
She did not play in the MV of this song


Because I Know (2013)

T-ara - Because I Know Jiyeon


Target (2013)

T-ara - Target Jiyeon


Do You Know Me (2013)

T-ara - Do You Know Me Jiyeon


Hide & Seek (2013)

Tara - Hide & Seek Jiyeon


Memories: You Gave Me Guidance (2013)
She did not play in the MV of this song


First Love (2014)

T-ara - First Love Jiyeon


Lead The Way (2014)

T-ara - Lead The Way Jiyeon


Sugar Free (2014)

T-ara - Sugar Free Jiyeon


Little Apple (2014)

T-ara - Little Apple Jiyeon


Don’t Forget Me (2015)
She did not play in the MV of this song


So Crazy (2015)

T-ara - So Crazy Jiyeon


Tiamo (2016)



What’s My Name? (2017)



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