Member Profile – Eunjung (Former Jewelry)



Name: Eunjung Kim (김은정)
Date of Birth: 28th November 1986 (Sagittarius)
Hometown: ?, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Position: Ex-Leader, Vocalist
Notes: Member of Jewelry (2008-2014)
She was also a member of the Sub-Unit JewelryS



One More Time (2008)

Jewelry - One More Time Eunjung


Everybody Shh (2008)

Jewelry - Everybody Shh! Eunjung


Vari2ty (2009)

Jewelry - Vari2ty Eunjung


Date (2009)

Jewelry S - Date Eunjung


Back It Up (2011)

Jewelry - Back It Up Eunjung


Step (2011)

Jewelry - Step Eunjung


Pass (2011)

Jewelry - Pass Eunjung


Look At Me (2012)

Jewelry - Look At Me Eunjung


Hot And Cold (2013)

Jewelry - Hot & Cold Eunjung


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