Member Profile – Seungah (Sunny Hill)



Name: Seungah Lee (이승아)
Date of Birth: 29th March 1987 (Aries)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Position: Vocalist


Ring Back Tone (2007)

Sunny Hill - Ring Back Tone Seungah


Love Is All I Know (2008)

Sunny Hill - Love Is All I Know Seungah


Mamma Mia (2010)

Sunny Hill - Mamma Mia Seungah


Midnight Circus (2011)

Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus Seungah


Pray (2011)

Sunny Hill - Pray Seungah


The Grasshopper Song (2012)

Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song Seungah


Princess And Prince Charming (2012)

Sunny Hill - Princess and Prince Charming Seungah


Do It (2012)

Sunny Hill - Do It Seungah


Goodbye To Romance (2012)

Sunny Hill - Goodbye To Romance Seungah


Darling Of All Hearts (2013)

Sunny Hill - Darling Of All Hearts Seungah


Love Actually (2013)

Sunny Hill - Love Actually Seungah


Don’t Say Anything (2014)

Sunny Hill - Don't Say Anything Seungah


Once In Summer (2014)

Sunny Hill - Once In Summer Seungah


Monday Blues (2014)

SunnyHill - Monday Blues Seungah


Here I Am (2014)

Sunny Hill - Here I Am Seungah


Child In Time (2015)

Sunny Hill - Child In Time Seungah


On The Way Home (2016)

Sunny Hill - On The Way Home Seungah


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