Member Profile – Jungah (Former After School)



Name: Jungah Kim (김정아)
Date of Birth: 02nd August 1983 (Leo)
Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
Position: Ex-Leader, Vocalist
Family: Hyunsoo (younger sister)
Education: Kyungmin College, Uijeongbu, South Korea
Notes: She was also a member of the Sub-Unit After School Red
Member of After School (2009-2016)


Ah (2009)

After School - Ah Jungah


Diva (2009)

After School - Diva Jungah


Dream Girl (2009)

After School - Dream Girl Jungah


Amoled (2009)

After School - Amoled Jungah


Because Of You (2009)

After School - Because of You Jungah

Bang (2010)

After School - Bang Jungah


Dreams Again (2010)

After School - Dreams Again Jungah


Love Love Love (2010)

After School - Love Love Love Jungah


Make It Happen (2011)

After School - Make It Happen Jungah


Shampoo (2011)

After School - Shampoo Jungah


Let’s Step Up (2011)

After School - Let's Step Up Jungah


Play Ur Love (2011)

After School - Play Ur Love Jungah


Tap Slap (2011)

After School - Tap Slap Jungah


In The Night Sky (2011)

After School Red - In The Night Sky Jungah


Love Letter (2011)

After School - Love Letter Jungah


Rambling Girls (2012)

After School - Rambling Girls Jungah


Lady Luck (2012)

After School - Lady Luck Jungah


Flashback (2012)

After School - Flashback Jungah


First Love (2013)

After School - First Love Jungah


Heaven (2013)

After School - Heaven Jungah


Shh (2013)

After School - Shh Jungah


Shine (2014)

After School - Shine Jungah


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